[PHOTO] BLACKPINK Rosé Selected as New Brand Official Model For O!Oi

by Rosé Fansé

ROSÉ FANSÉ .COM – On August 17, 2021, O!Oi officially announced that they choose BLACKPINK Rosé as the New Brand Official Model For ‘5252 by O!Oi’ and ‘O!Oi Collection’. The brand stated that Rosé has a bright, trendy, and confident image that fit the company plans to expand the brand’s global recognition together with Rosé.

What is O!Oi ?

Oi Studio was established in 2011 and is owned by the designer Yeseul Jung. Providing new concepts of visual images in every season, two lines have been provided while pursuing interesting, witty, new, and refreshing design. Pursuing the goal to design stimulating the possessive spirit of many people, Oi Studio has already been located in editing stores in Korea as well as many stores in foreign countries. They plan to increase the distribution network in all over the world.

What is the difference between ‘O!Oi Collection’ and ‘5252 BY O!Oi’?

O!Oi Collection’ is the brand first line embedded with kitsch, lovely, and witty brand identity for O!Oi. It is a collection for women while providing many of the drastic and interesting elements. Applying new concept in every season, virtual ‘ish girl’ has been used as a muse for developing interesting collection.

Meanwhile ‘5252 BY O!Oi’ is the second line of O!Oi It is a uni-sex line developing to be more casual, basic, and sporty. Determining interesting concepts in every season, O!Oi has been developing conceptual image in the same manner.


BLACKPINK Rosé For O!Oi New Collection


BLACKPINK Rosé For O!Oi Collection’


BLACKPINK Rosé For ‘5252 BY O!Oi’

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